This is your weekly update on high-value affiliate deals you can run whenever, with Swapstack.

2 Featured Plug & Play Deals:

1. Unspun

For every new purchase on the website, earn $75.00

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2. Propel(x)

For every accredited investor referral, earn $37.50

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5 Popular Plug & Play Deals:

1. Chargeflow

For every Shopify install, earn $37.50

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2. The Android Shortcut Supercourse

For every sign-up, earn $1.88

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3. Microns

For every startup published on Microns website, earn $18.75

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4. Gadget Discovery Club

Earn $7.50 when a customer signs up and pays for a trial box.

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For every purchase, earn $5.25

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